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Sabah : : WhiteWater Rafting
   A new thrill in Sabah is whitewater rafting. This exciting sport of rafting down rivers with foaming and turbulent rapids. Its wide variety of fast flowing rivers matches with scenic splendours of Borneo's pristine jungles.
Padas River
   The Padas River located near Tenom that challenges adventure seekers to defy its thundering waves over ten feet high.
   The boulder-strewn Padas cuts through some impressive lowland forest, and in its upper reaches its raging rapids – with names like 'Headhunter', 'Adrenaline Flow', and 'Merry-Go-Round' -- offer an exhilarating ride of up to grade 3 standard.
   Hours of spills and thrills are guaranteed for the adventurous rafter, especially in the rainy months between August to January when the river fills to overflowing. The dry season is a good time for the novice to get acquainted with the sport.
Mulau River
   While not as turbulent as the Padas River, the Mulau River located in the beautiful Kiulu Valley is a pleasant river to raft. It still provides a grade 2 (and sometimes grade 3) experience, so is suitable for novices. Deep pools punctuate the rapids, providing an opportunity for body rafting and swimming.
   The wet months of November and December are particularly good months, but the water level may be too low in the dry months for rafting.
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