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Sabah : : Kapalai Island
   Between Sipadan and Mabul Island lies a sand bar known many years ago as Kapalai Island. Unfortunately, erosion has taken its toll and now the sand bar sits on top of the reef known as the Ligitan Reefs, a very extensive stretch bordering the deep and vast Celebes Sea.
   With all the wonderful muck diving opportunities available in the South Pacific region, Kapalai is not just another place to do it. It is where discerning divers come face to face with amazing marine creatures and skills at spotting minute and cleverly-camouflaged oddities are well rewarded. Rare subjects such as cuttlefish, blue-ringed octopus, sea moths and mating mandarinfish are seen on a regular basis. Other frequently sighted creatures are the crocodilefish, lionfish and scorpionfish. Giant frogfish, ribbon eels, harlequin ghost pipefish and crab-eye gobies are seen on many of the dive sites. The jetty dive itself has plenty to offer including leaf scorpionfish, pink-eye gobies, ambonian shrimps and the comical antics of the mantis shrimp.
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