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Tunku Abdul Rahman Park
   The Tunku Abdul Rahman Park comprises of five islands surrounded by coral reefs. The islands are Pulau Gaya, Pulau Manukan, Pulau Mamutik, Pulau Sapi and Pulau Sulug.
   The islands, underlaid by folded sandstone and sedimentary rock, are part of the Crocker Range Rock, formation of the Western Coast of Sabah. Towards the end of the Ice Age about a million years ago, changes in sea level occurred, resulting in portions of the mainland being cut off by the sea. Exposed sandstone outcrops still feature the coasts of most of these islands forming cliffs, caves, honeycombs and deep crevasses along the shore.
   All the islands feature typical shoreline vegetation between a fern tree and a palm. Human activity has replaced the original vegetation on the islands with coconut palms, mango, jackfruit and tarap fruit trees and the brilliant scarlet flowers of the Coral tree and the sweet scented white Gardenia tree.
Pulau Gaya
   Pulau Gaya is the largest island of the Park. It devised its name from the Bajau word 'Gayo' which means big. The only undisturbed coastal forest left in Sabah covers Pulau Gaya itself.
Pulau Manukan
   Pulau Manukan 51 acres boomerang shaped island is the second largest of Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, has good stretches of beaches on the southern coastline.
Pulau Mamutik
   Pulau Mamutik makes it the smallest of the five islands in the Park. Rich coral life surrounds the island.
Pulau Sulug
   Pulau Sulug, furthest away and relatively not developed 20 acres. The shorelines mostly rocky and the reef patches lies on the southern end.
Pulau Sapi
   Pulau Sapi has the one of the nicest beaches in the Park. It's clean white sand and crystal clear water and coral reefs fringing the shoreline.
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