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   The largest of the primate species, the Orang Utan is found only in Borneo and Northern Sumatra and is the only representative of the Great Apes outside Central Africa. The English named the large primate the Orang Utan although it has for generations been known as the 'Kogiu' in Sabah. This long-armed arboreal anthropoid ape has a shaggy and coarse rusty brown coat. Some of the Orang Utan's actions and facial characteristics resemble that of humans.
   Orang Utan prefer to live in swamp forests and in the vicinity of rivers in primary lowland forests. They build a new nest out of twigs and small branches daily to rest and sleep. The Orang Utan have a diet that includes fruits, bark leaves, durians, figs, rambutans and other jungle fruit. They also eat ants and other insects.
   Sabah has one of the largest numbers of Orang Utan. A recent World Wildlife Fund Malaysia survey indicates they range from minimum of two thousand to a maximum of ten thousand to twenty thousand in the State. The Orang Utan is, nevertheless, one of the world's threatened species. The loss of Orang Utan's forest habitat due to agricultural activities is seriously affecting its survival. Wildlife reserves, sanctuaries and parks are being established and existing legislation is being strictly enforced to ensure the animal's survival .
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