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Thursday, 05 October 2005 - Daily Express
Longer runway, apron
The multi-million ringgit Kota Kinabalu International Airport (KKIA) expansion project - that will see the reclamation of sea to accommodate a longer runway as well as a bigger passenger terminal - will begin early next year.
   The project would see the runway extended up to 3,780m (12,400ft) with full parallel taxiway and additional connecting taxiways, compared to the existing runway length of 2,988m (9,800 ft) with only partial taxiway.
   The project was also to add more parking aprons to accommodate four B-747s, one AB-330, seven B-737s, three F-50s and three Dorniers.
    The passenger terminal building would be extended to 53,513 sq m, with a total area of 79,000 sq m to accommodate about nine million pax (in 2004), compared to the present 25,487 sq m.
   A new Low Cost Carrier (LCC) terminal, which is currently operating in Terminal Two, and airside facilities for five Air Buses would also be built.
   As for precision approach, navigation aids (Navaids) and lighting would be made available at both Runway 02 and 20 under the projects.
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