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Sabah : : 4 Wheel Drive
   Off-road driving or dirt track driving as it is popularly known. Tracks running through oil palm and rubber estates, virgin forests; swallow rivers and narrow muddy paths provide the ideal terrain to test the endurance of man and machine against the forces of Nature.
   A re-owned annual event is the Trans-Borneo International Rally from Kuching to Kota Kinabalu, when 4-wheel drive enthusiasts pit their skills and vehicles against some of the thoughest and most varied off-road terrain in the world. The expedition usually covers complex territory to experience tribal cultures that a conventional tourist would not usually experience. Participants from all the nations take part in this premier event and undoubtedly, only the best would complete the hazardous journey through all sorts of obstacles and terrain. The workhorse that bears all the rough and tough terrain never looks clean, due to the large number of mud holes along even the simplest route. One can easily get wet and mud-splattered and even the ability of the vehicle to withstand the hazards is questionable.
   However, off-road driving provides the perfect opportunity for the more adventurers ones to 'rough it' in the wilderness while discovering the natural beauty of the countryside.
   The odyssey of off-road driving offers more than just the skill to maneuver around hills, slopes, narrow spaces and muddy and waterlogged patches. Participants have to show some sense of conservation and appreciation of the pristine green jungles treasured flora and fauna.
   Off-road adventures should familiarize themselves with the conditions along the route and acclimatize themselves with the humidity before participating in any faces or rallies. Even veterans of 4-wheel drive rallies warn of the difficulty in challenging, demanding contours and landscape.
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