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Whoot! Newly launch KK Street Directory. An on-line street map of the city and surrounding areas to assist tourists and locals alike to locate places of interests or business premises as well as find out local events.

Yep, yep! New home for 'naturepea'. Ad-free is what I wanted. Yeah, still using the same old layout. I like the simple appearance, that's the plus side. I categorised the navigation bar. Aside from that, there's still plenty of great places which I haven't put up -insufficient materials. I need to study really hard to get those informations. Well, there's no ending in knowledge. XP

*Note: If you have travelling queries, please visit Sabah Tourism Board for more information.
July 07, 2004 - Bloom time in Long Pasia
SOME of the wonders of nature now on display in the threatened montane forest habitat in the interior of Sipitang. Most of the highland orchids and ornamental plants usually seen only on postcards are now blooming in their natural environment.

Apart from orchids like Bulbophyllum virescens (right), a Rhododendron (insert) known locally as busak baku (Baku flower) is also the title of a traditional song popular among the Lundayeh community.

Long Pasia is accessible via land from Sipitang township. The Homestay rates are about RM35 per night, inclusive of traditional Lundayeh meals.

Besides the botanical wonders, visitors can also try the boat ride along Matang River upstream to witness some of the mysteries of Lundayeh culture.
June 28, 2004 - Kinabalu Park’s new attraction
Visitors heading for Kinabalu Park will not miss a new attraction dubbed Gerai Pekan Nabalu along the route, where they can stretch their legs and buy local fruits and handicrafts, while enjoying a panoramic view of the surrounding mountainous region.

The RM1 million Federal-funded project, to be operational starting July comprises 24 fruits and handicraft stalls, surau and a viewing tower.
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